Scarbie (scarbie) wrote in ho_with_a_gun,

OMG, why are you wearing an O.P.P jacket with your boobs hanging out?

There's a saying in my family:

"Ain't nothing worse than an old ho."

But I guess in EVA's case it would be, "Ain't nothing worse than an old ho with a gun."

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I saw the new MGS4 trailer--the game is looking amazing--this morning and could not stop laughing after she said, "Call me Mama. Big Mama." How about I just call you Ho, Big Old Ho? Before she was a big ol' ho and now she's literally an old ho.

*sighs* I am interested in what role she'll have to play in MGS4. I hope she doesn't hit on Snake. Even though Snake looks older than her he's still young enough to be her son.
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